Monday, November 26, 2012

More Updates

Again, so sorry.  Work is totally exhausting.  Not what I was expecting, but I do enjoy the work... most of the time, if that matters  :)  LOL

10/19/12 - Sydney is 15 lbs 4 oz and 26 1/4 in long

11/17/12 - Anna had her senior pictures done by Rachel.  I'll post as soon as I can.

11/18/12 - We had family Christmas pictures done by Rachel (yes, she's buying Christmas on our family this year) and Sydney is running circles around everyone!!!!  She wasn't feeling well for pictures though  :(  She's had a bout of pneumonia and hand foot mouth  :(

11/19/12 - Sydney received a clean bill of health from her pediatrician.  No further signs of pneumonia or HFM - YAY!!!

11/24/12 - Crap.  Sydney's fever has returned.  It's running between 102.3 and 104.2.  Back and forth to the Dr.

11/25/12 - Her fever broke... okay.... I'll take it!

11/26/12 - Uh, no.  Fever is back.  UGH!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

9 Mos Pics & HUGE News

So we had Syd's 9 month pictures done today.  Rachel was awesome as usual.  I was disappointed though.  Why is it so hard to find a cute pair of bib overalls in NC in October???????  We had to settle for a jean dress.  Not what I had in mind, but I'm certain the pictures will be adorable.  I'll post some as soon as I can.

The big news you ask???  Well.... my sister called me as we were leaving the park where we had pictures done.  She had her first prenatal appointment today and she reserved the news for her big sister first (which made me feel super special by the way)... they heard 2 heartbeats!!!!!  Oh my word!!!!!  My sister is having twins!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updates on Milestones & Events

Sorry, this job has me busier than we imagined.  The weekend nurse is having a complicated pregnancy (I wouldn't know anything about that, now would I), so we are having to pull weekend call.  My goodness it's been crazy busy!!!!  Ugh.  Hope the weekend girl can return to work soon.

6/18/12 - Syd sat up on her own

8/10/12 - She is 7 months old  14 lbs 6 oz and 24.5 in long.  She is walking around while holding a hand :-)

8/14/12 - Anna's first day as a senior in high school!!!!!  YAY!  Sydney has a virus  :( Not so yay.

9/20/12 - Syd got her 2nd tooth in.  She is almost 8 1/2 months old.  She is 15 lbs 2 oz.

9/27/12 - She is saying mama... well, it's more like mum mum, but I'll take it!

10/05/12 - She took her first step on her own today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having 9 month pictures done on the 11th  :)  Can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh my Goodness, We Have A Senior!!!

A high school senior that is!  This is a HUGE year for Anna.  We're so excited and happy for her.  Can't wait to see what this year holds for all of us  :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Birthday That Isn't

Today has been a somber day, although I've filled it with playing with my little miracle.  I know that things happen for a reason, and if they didn't happen the way they did, I wouldn't have my precious baby today.  But that doesn't take away from the hurt I feel today.  Today would have been my triplets first birthday, had they held out for their due date anyway.  Imagine how different things would be....

I'm totally and completely in love with my baby girl and wouldn't change anything.  It still just makes me sad because we do have 4 wee ones in heaven  :(

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wow! Feet!

Ha!  She's found her little feet  :)  Adorable to watch her play with them.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Full Day at Daycare

I started my new job today.  Nothing spectacular, but it does allow me the time to pump and I'm not working 12 hour days.  I was told there would be call one night  a week and a rare weekend when the weekend call nurse is out due to sickness or vacation.  We'll see.  Everyone seems nice though.

The important news is that today was baby girls first whole day at daycare.  They said she took the bottle like a champ - YAY!!!  You know, this was a huge struggle for me.  She refused the bottle for so long.  She didn't cry when I left, and she was smiley when I picked her up  :)

God always looks after us, even when we don't realize it or we take it for granted.